About Us


About Us

EnergiseHome Pvt.Ltd

At EnergiseHome Limited, brilliance in satisfying and improving customer's life is our key focus. We believe in setting new trends across products in the building material sector. Being the "the first and the best" is the mantra that the company abides by.


Our Product Ranges:

Wide Range of Home Appliances


In our quest for excellence, your experiences inspire us to do better. While innovation is the new constant, your evolving needs challenge us to evolve. Hence, we bring to you – a range of thoughtful products that are centered not only on enriching your life; but, also on delivering joy to you and your family. At EnergiseHome, we aim to deliver smart solutions with a sole purpose – empowering you to bring home a better tomorrow. 



A unique range of thoughtfully-engineered products, designed to provide simplified solutions and upscale your home interiors.